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How do you enjoy the story yesterday?

I"m sure you enjoy it.

If you have not read them, I would highly recommend you to read it now.

Today"s post will be short and it won"t take up much of your time.

Remember these simple guidelines for happiness:

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1.  Free your heart from hate. limping man the free

2.  Free your mind from worry.

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3.  Live simply.

4.  Give more.

5.  Expect less.

Oops … I just over heard somebody said that “it"s easier to said that done”

Well, if you think it that way, guess what are you going to attract?

Correct! “Your wish will be my command”

Now what?

Think it as simple and easy-to-follow guidelines and you will attract more easy ways into your life.

If the old man can do it, why not you?

If the old man can feel it, why not you?

If the old man can choose to be happy, why not you?

Remember what the universe always says?



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    • Liara Covert

      I was thinking about how positive thinking can facilitate things. For example, you may have reason to make last minute travel arrangements. I’ve certainly been there. When you clear your mind of negative thoughts and stress, and you believe things will run smoothly, the details magically come together.

    • raymond

      That is right, it happens to me sometimes. Especially when I was lost. I unconsciously attract the solution and those pieces of puzzle begin to come together just like that!

    • zaki blogjer

      You’re right, this stuff looks simple, but it tough to be implemented especially this one

      4. Give more.

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      Practise makes PERFECT!

      I think you are already doing that. :) You educate and update your readers about the internet and technology stuffs.

      Isn’t that a good example of give more?
      You rocks.

      Give more smiles
      Give more hugs
      Give more laughter
      Give more …

      It isn’t that hard. :)

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