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Human being has been searching for happiness throughout the history. In my opinion, happiness is the root of joy. People are striving, chasing and looking for success, health, love, wealth and prosperity. But in the end of the day, it is happiness that they are really looking for.

Many of us believe that more money, youth, beauty and other material possession will make us happy. This is wrong! Happiness can not depend on these things because they are not permanent.

To me, happiness is not owning that mansion, happiness is not having $10,000,000 in your back account, happiness is not being the most beautiful person in the world, happiness is not gaining back your youth.

Happiness has nothing to do with material possession.

Then, what is true happiness?

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True Happiness comes from within you.

Gratitude and Contentment are the keys to happiness. As long as you feel grateful and contented, you are happy.

More money does not guarantee your happiness unless you feel grateful and contented with the money you have. If you have a lot of money and you still don"t feel contented and grateful, the money will not make you happy.

So, the happiness lies within you. It lies in your feeling and not within your possession.

The same goes to beauty. If you are not feeling grateful for the beauty you have, you are not going to be happy. You can be not so good looking, and still feel happy about yourself if you feel grateful for what you already have.

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Gratitude is the most powerful emotion we can ever experience.

I will share with you a fantastic story of happiness tomorrow.

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Remember: Grateful mind needs NOTHING imprint dvd .

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    • Liara Covert

      At a recent Toastmaster’s Public Speaking group meeting, the idea of being happy was the theme. Attendees were each asked to speak for 15-30 sec on their view of happiness. People concurred that it begins as a state of mind. In addition, individuals referred to engaging in or listening to music, singing, playing, relaxing, being with people whom they cherish and doing what they love as happiness triggers. I got a kick out of the idea the woman heading the meeting distributed little bottles of bubbles to everyone to blow at their leisure. She also distributed balloons and later, chocolates. Although we don’t need things to be happy, it was neat to see people aged 30-70 having fun and laughing based on these kind gestures.

    • The Green Fairy

      Very good post! I definitely agree with what you’re saying. As long as you are at peace with yourself and your situation, you can be an extremely happy person even if you don’t have all of the material possessions that society places so much importance on.

    • raymond

      Hi Liara, it will be fun to see those 30s-70s blowing bubbles and balloons. This will make them feel young again.

    • raymond

      Hi Green Fairy,

      First of all, thank you for putting up your first post here.

      I hope you have found your road to happiness. Keep coming back for more.

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    • yumi

      Hi Raymond, i’m glad you gave your comment in my blog and also invite me to read your blog. Thanks for your time. (n_n)

      Well i agreed what you said about happiness. In fact, happiness also come through from love. People can willingly to do for someone they love most without return and they’ll be grateful.

      Meanwhile, in a relationship, share burdens for each other also can be happiness such as financial, career, family matter and so on. Anyway, self-efficiency for what we have in the moment and appreciate it will be grateful indeed. (^_~)

    • raymond

      Hi Yumi,

      Thanks for dropping by. I hope this blog will be your place of reference in the future.

      Thanks for sharing what happiness means to you.

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