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You Have A Choice

November 16, 2008 | 23 Comments

Strings of beadsImage by tanakawho via FlickrI was having a great lunch with a couple of friends (to celebrate “something”) last Friday and since it is such a memorable day, we took some photos and videos.

Reaching home, I quickly copied the photos and videos to my laptop, upload them to my server, create a webpage with all the download links and send them (my friends) a message to give them the download link.

After a couple of minutes, I received replies from some of my friends thanking me for creating the webpage and share the photos.

The next day, the same thing happened, but this girl thanked me through a messenger service. So, I decided to have a short chat with her.

In the middle of the conversation, she said that she looks fat in the photo. I assured her that she looks great but she insisted that she’s fat.

Trying to avoid the argument, I said, “Well, if that’s what you think, then make it a habit to jog in the beautiful park in your neighborhood every morning. It can make you healthier too.”

She agreed but thought that it’s too hard to do it and told me that she prefer dancing over jogging.

Of course I support her (morally) as long as she loves it.

There are 2 forces that drive us, i.e. pain and pleasure. Human beings tend to move towards pleasure and avoid pain.

So, I advice my friend to focus on the pleasure of being a slim and beautiful person with all the compliments instead of the pain she might encounter during the practice.

We always have a choice. We probably can not choose the situation but we can always choose how we want to see it. The universe is always in balance and harmony, there are 2 sides of a coin. You can see things from a good side or otherwise.

Our choice determines the emotion we feel which leads to the action we take and the action will produce the result.

If you perceive learning new things as hard and painful, you are actually creating negative emotions which lead you to take negative action (or no action at all) and produce negative results.

In contrary, if you perceive it as an opportunity to get enjoyable experience and focusing on the benefits, you’re creating positive emotions for yourself, taking the positive actions with a lot of passions and creating your desirable results.

Besides, emotion is also one of the triggers that put the Law of Attraction

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to work. Positive emotions attract positive results and vice versa.

Need something to boost your emotion? Watch this and have some laugh. (There are some golden truths in the “jokes”)

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I hope you enjoy this post and if you have something to say, don’t forget that there’s always a comment box here. :)

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    • miepekan

      Interesting comment about choice. But many of us prefer to choose negative rather than positive. It takes more practices to have positive mindset.

    • Noticias Automotivas

      I’d rather think positive, no doubt there!

    • Vincent

      Hi Raymond,

      That is a funny video indeed. Had a great laugh at it.

      Personal Development Blogger

    • raymond

      Hi miepekan,

      It’s not hard to practice it (if you are passionate about it) and the reward is very satisfying. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Noticias Automotivas,

      You’re on the right track, :)

    • raymond

      Hi Vincent,

      I watched it over and over again and it’s quite true. :D

    • Sukosari

      yes, I become remember. When we ask, how about to sale shoes at africa who its peoples are not using shoes at all.
      if we think negatively, We will say it’s not possible to sale shoes to whom not use shoes, but for positive thinking, it’s chance for getting huge sales

    • Dining Room Tables

      The video is very entertaining indeed.

      Your friend has two choices too, other than the two discussed by you. She can choose to believe your judgment that she is not fat or believe that she is not like the images that she is bombarded with by the ‘get skinny’ industry.

      It is a matter of great concern to a lot of sane people that young people now a days are getting brainwashed into believing that aesthetics is to look like a twig! The rising incidences of bulimia and anorexia are proof enough for this disturbing trend.

      In such matters however, we seem to have lost our common sense approach to our well being. Where is the question of making a choice when one allows oneself to be brainwashed. That choice has already been made.

    • raymond

      Hi Sukosari,

      I was exposed to this example a couple of years ago and I find it very interesting how our mind can block the possibilities.

      Thanks for reminding me about it. :)

    • raymond

      Great point, Dining Room Tables.

      It’s so true that our mind creates our reality.

      The subliminal messages delivered by the weight loss industry seems to work successfully.

    • Karl Rogan

      Good post.

      I find it very interesting how we each choose to process the world around us. You mention the thought, feeling, action link which is commonly referred to in many personal development materials but I wondered if you had any thoughts on an expanded model that would cater for other primary drivers that influence this chain?

      We are led to believe that our feelings are a result of our thoughts and that the action we take is a direct result of these combined. I don’t doubt that this is true but I also wonder if there is something missing from this approach as I’m not sure it caters for everything. I personally believe it excludes our physiology which definitely has a direct impact on our emotions, but its also excludes words or sounds, something that is often completely ignored from personal development teachings but has a profound impact on this thought, feeling, action link.

      I have theories as to why this is but I would be interested to see if you share any similar thoughts.


    • raymond

      Hi Karl,

      Thanks for your comment.

      However, I don’t quite understand your question.

      Do you mind to rephrase your question?

    • Karl Rogan

      Hi Raymond

      Sorry I didn’t mean to confuse you with my ramblings!

      I’m asking to see if you have any thoughts in relation to what I propose that expand on the paragraph you write….

      “Our choice determines the emotion we feel which leads to the action we take and the action will produce the result.”

    • Armen Shirvanian

      I hadn’t previously noticed that pain and pleasure were the main driving forces of our behavior. It sounds appropriate, and there are benefits to be seen from using either force at their peak times. Both feelings can be continued upon in a cycle that enhances them. If someone prefers one of them for regular usage, that could become their signature motivator.

    • raymond

      Hi Karl,

      What I mean is, our thought make the decision. The decision that is created by our thought can affect our emotion.

      Our emotion will then serves as the fuel for us to take the necessary action.

      The action will then produce the desirable result.

    • raymond

      Hi Armen,

      Pain and pleasure give us incredible force and if use correctly, can produce unbelievable results. :)

    • Nicole Price

      It is unfortunate that the media and society as a whole puts so much pressure on us to look a certain way be a certain size; that your friend felt that she looked ‘fat’. We need to accept and celebrate the fact that we come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and that we are all beautiful!

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      That’s very true. When we begin to accept ourselves, we’ll feel better and be better, not the other way round.

    • Simple Delights

      it’s just a matter of perspective. positive thinking really pays

    • raymond

      It does, Simple delights. :)

    • http://www, Motherhood

      Everyone was given free will to decide on certain matters. No one is left with absolutely no choice.

      A friend recommended this site to me last night and I checked it out this morning. She’s right! This is so life-changing!

    • raymond

      Hi Motherhood,

      You have made the right choice and thank you for surfing and participating around.

      I just love this kind of energy. :)

    • large wall mirrors

      I do think positive not negative. Nice article!

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