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Where Are The Legs?

March 10, 2008 | 8 Comments

You have a dream. You know about the Law of Attraction. You visualize your goal everyday and you make yourself believe that it will come true. However, nothing seems to happen.

Does that sound familiar to you?

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As I have said earlier, the Law of Attraction is not a standalone formula for success. It is just a part of the whole formula.

One of the reasons why the Law of Attraction keeps on failing you is, you do not have the reasons to support your dream.

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Look, in order to reach your dreams, you must know the reasons why you deserve it. The reasons strengthen your believe to your dream and thus make the process of manifestation easier by emitting stronger waves or vibration to the universe.

Here’s the thing that I have learned from Anthony Robbins Seminar

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Picture your dreams as a table and the reasons or the supporting believe as its legs.

As we all know, most table need the legs to support it and to hold it high to the appropriate level so that we can use it comfortably.

A dream without supporting beliefs is like a table without legs and without the legs, a table is not a table. It is just a piece of wood. The more legs it has, the more stable it becomes.

The same thing goes to your dreams. It just can’t be manifested without the supporting beliefs. The more reasons you can think of, the better it is.

So, your action step today is to create the supporting beliefs around your dreams and why you think you deserve it.

Here are some examples as a guideline for you:

Let’s say if you want to make a lot of money. What makes you deserve to earn the big bucks?

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Reason #1 – I have a great mentor.

Reason #2 – I add value to other people’s lives.

Reason #3 – I am smart and creative.

Reason #4 – I am committed and persistent in whatever I do.

Reason #5 – I have a strong network of business partners.

If you want to lose weight, find your supporting beliefs. Why you think you deserve to look good and healthy? It could be:

Reason #1 – I am committed

Reason #2 – I exercise 20 minutes a day, everyday.

Reason #3 – I eat only healthy food

Reason #4 – I have a good and strict accountability partner

Reason #5 – I have a good self-image

What I have outlined above are just examples. You should write them down based on your own reasons.

When you are clear of the reasons and are convinced that you deserve it, you will accelerate the process of the attraction.

So, are you ready to put on your Law of Attraction hat to accelerate your dreams to you? Chat back with me. I’m all “eyes”.

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    • Benjamin

      Anyone can have dreams (tables), but its only the dedicated few who have the ability to mainifest their dreams (legs). It takes hard work and dedication, and few are willing to go that extra mile when they can not reap the rewards instantly.

      Long term commitment is the hardest thing in the world right now, as we have grown such accustom to that everything around us is happening so fast.

      We want instant gratification in all areas of life. Just look at how overweight ppl are now compared to before.

      Become a dedicated minority, and be blessed or join the majority and be destined to repeat your destructive patterns.

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      That’s very true. I can see that in a lot of people around me.

      I will make sure that I’m always in the minority group. :)

    • Elizabeth

      I believe you are right about the need for a supporting believe system. If you focus on something and part of you feels that you can’t have it, don’t deserve it, others should have it first, etc. you are blocking your own magnetizing process.

    • raymond

      Hi Elizabeth,

      You’re right. It’s like creating a barrier before his/her success.

      I call it sabotaging the success. :)

    • tian

      i can see my legs right now. :D

      Success or not. We need to try first..

    • Martin Welch

      Goal setting is important! You have to know or identify the reasons why you have to do that.

    • raymond

      Hi Martin,

      A person who do not have goals is like a ship on the sea that doesn’t know where to go. :)

    • raymond

      Hi tian,

      I wish you all the best. :)

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